Do You Know The Solution To Avoid Stress In Cats?

Do You Know The Solution To Avoid Stress In Cats?

Stress in cats: solutions to relieve it on a daily basis

Over the years stress has become the evil of the century for us humans. However, our animals can also suffer from stress on a regular basis. In cats, for example, sudden changes of environment, routine, the absence of their humans, or unusual noises are all sources of stress. Unfortunately, a stressed cat can develop many illnesses… In particular, urinary tract infections or other infectious diseases. Fortunately, there are solutions to help your beloved tomcat!

What are the symptoms of stress in cats?

Stress in cats can be expressed through many different behaviors, depending on their personality. For example, if your cat becomes messy, licks itself excessively or self-mutilates, it is very likely that it is suffering from stress.

Urinary marking is also a symptom as well as aggressiveness (towards you or your other animals), increased meowing, loss of appetite or on the contrary an increase in appetite. Finally, it is also possible that your cat spends his days without moving in a corner of the house, amorphous or on the contrary that he is in a state of permanent vigilance. However, all these signs can also be signs of an illness. It is for this reason that it is preferable to consult a veterinarian if your cat presents one or more of these symptoms.

Dietary supplements to treat stress in cats
As said before, the first thing to do if your cat shows symptoms is to visit your veterinarian to make sure she is not sick. If your pet is in perfect health, this is where the behavioral origin will be considered. Your veterinarian will be able to find a treatment adapted to your cat’s problems.

In particular, there is Zylkene, a natural anti-stress for cats. Its effectiveness is proven by several clinical studies and recognized by veterinarians and even by many cat owners. In fact, it is one of the most effective tranquilizers available. This dietary supplement is made up of milk proteins and amino acid polymer.

It also contains alpha-casozepine which is a molecule with a relaxing effect. It is one of the best solutions on the market to calm stressed cats. Moreover, Zylkene does not cause any adverse effects on your cat’s health (addiction, eating disorders, etc.).

Pheromone diffusers to relieve stress in cats
If you do not wish to use oral treatment, there are also other anti-stress solutions for cats. For example, pheromones. Cats naturally produce soothing pheromones, which allow them to reassure themselves in different situations.

If your cat has a tendency to stress, you can try this anti-stress solution. Pheromones can come in different forms. There are, in particular, diffusers to be connected to the mains or sprays. These products will create a safe environment for your cat to calm him down.

Finally, be aware that there are many other solutions other than treatments or pheromones for your cat. We told you about them in another article: the 5 tips to know to soothe your cat.

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