Lost cat: how to act to try to find it as soon as possible?

Lost cat: how to act to try to find it as soon as possible?

Lost cat: how to act to try to find it as soon as possible?

It’s now been a few hours since you’ve seen your hairball, or it’s not at home at the usual times… In these stressful moments, it’s important to stay calm – easier said than done, we all agree! So to avoid wasting time and to try to find your cat as soon as possible, here are a few steps that can help you find your cat.

Whether it’s a runaway after a fright, a fall from the balcony, theft, or the fact that he has strayed too far from his usual area, there are many reasons that can keep a cat away from his home. And since no one is immune, it is best to protect yourself as much as you can!

Anticipate this kind of situation

This is possible thanks to the identification of your pet. As a reminder, it can be done via a chip or – more rarely now – a tattoo at the vet. This mandatory gesture prevents an ill-intentioned person from selling or giving away your lost or stolen pet.

In the end, the identification chip is a real proof of your good faith and proof that your cat is really yours from I-CAD. If someone finds your cat when it is not chipped and does so in its name, you will unfortunately not be able to prove that it is your pet in the eyes of the law.

Declaring the loss of your pet to I-CAD
This is indeed the first step to take, as it will allow you to update the situation of your animal with the I-CAD files. To declare the loss of your animal, all you need is its identification number, which will allow the company to access its file. From there, the declaration of the loss of your pet can be done by phone, email or directly on a space dedicated to pet owners on the I-CAD website.

Alert as many people as possible
Neighbors and surroundings

Never underestimate how much people can help each other. Whether you’re in a building or a house, it’s always important to inform your neighbors and those around you of the loss of your cat – through door-to-door contact or via a note or poster that everyone can see. That way, more of you will be vigilant! Don’t forget the convenience stores.

Social networks
Same thing with social networks. On Facebook in particular, many Pet Alert type pages are specifically dedicated to the search for lost pets in specific departments. Often, these publications are widely relayed and help to create a real surge of solidarity that provides relief in these difficult times.

Veterinarians, shelters, and associations
Also, do not hesitate to push the door of the veterinarians and shelters in the area. They are often the first place where people who find stray cats bring them. In addition, they have access to I-CAD files. Also, think of associations (local or not) like filalapat which can be of precious help.

Very often, unfortunately, it is patience that is needed in this kind of situation… By the time word of mouth is done, it can take several days. In the meantime, don’t lose hope and don’t feel guilty. Have a small bowl of food and water – or treats that he or she likes – near the door in case he or she comes back. In any case, don’t hesitate to persevere: cats are never short of surprises.

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