Do you know the age of the cats?

The age of the cats

A lot of people know how to calculate the age of dogs. In fact, it’s simple: you need to multiply the age of your dog by 7 to get the equivalent in “human” age. However, this number also depends on your dog’s breed and weight. So what about the age of cats? How do you calculate a cat’s age? Also, what is the life expectancy of a cat? Finally, from when can we say that a cat is old?

The life expectancy of a cat

First of all, a cat’s life expectancy depends on several factors. Among them are the feline’s environment, the way it is cared for and its possible illnesses. Moreover, these factors play a determining role! In fact, offering a healthy and balanced food to your cat and taking him regularly to the veterinarian for check-ups are the best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your cat. Finally, a secure environment and various activities (such as cat agility accessories or intelligence games) help to keep your cat fit.

On average, it is estimated that cats reach a life expectancy of between 10 and 15 years. However, the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is lower. One reason for this is that outdoor cats are more exposed to danger: their risk of injury or disease is greater.
A priori, a cat is considered to be senior from the age of 10 years. Indeed, it is at this age that the first changes in the coat are noticed. In addition, senior cats are calmer and sleep more. In addition, as they get older, senior cats begin to have certain requirements.

Calculate the age of a human-aged cat

Since cat growth is not linear, it is impossible to calculate the age of cats in human age by simply multiplying it by a number as for dogs.

Indeed, during their first two years, cats grow very quickly. Then, at the age of 2 years, it is estimated that a cat is the equivalent of 24 years old in human age. It then reaches adulthood and then ages in a more linear fashion. From this point on, one year of cathood is equivalent to four to five “human” years. Finally, it is estimated that at 10 years of age, a cat has lived the equivalent of 56 human years.
It is true that some senior cats still look very young and lively, while some much younger cats already look tired and are not very active.